Tuesday, September 28

pretend to be strong, but i'm nor stronger enough

last night, i had a dream...a dream that look like real life. it had happen someday before, but it never happen today and right now. i wish somebody will never wake me up from that dream....i want to be in that dream forever. b'coz everytime i open my eyes had to face the reality. the reality that hurt me more everyday.

want to know wht my dream is?
i dream that my mom n dad come to pick me up at maktab to go back home. simple right? for u its maybe doesnt means anything, but for me.......i would treasure it!

mom i miss ur nagging at me.
mom i miss ur advise everyday in phone.
mom i miss u...

dad i miss to hold ur hand, when we crossing road.
dad i miss to rely everything on u.
dad i miss u...

i pray to Allah, to give mom a dad a good health back...for mom to nagging at me, to dad for me to rely with.
soon or later, i wish my mom n dad is back into my life...

now i have to be strong in front of them...but im not stronger enough to be strong.
be in this situation had make me suffer...but i know that Allah will never gives me this burden, if i couldn't handle it....

plz..give me the power to pretend to be strong!

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