Saturday, October 31

My drama been rejected??

In the name of Allah the most merciful and the most gracious.

Today, I felt so anger toward everybody. It’s that so hard to corporate with each other?

Do you have to pay for it?

Corporate is priceless…what you need to do is, attend the meeting, and give us support…

I admit that we made a last minute decision, but I think we can do it together…with our victory last semester, I know if we try this time seriously, we can perform at the English evening very well.

Last night, I don’t have any interest into this drama, but after looking at your brilliant ideas, I’ve took the challenge to make this drama work.

Start to search the background music, write the dialogue, make the background stage…even thought you didn’t asked me to do that….I’m willing to do that.

But today, you totally broke my heart; you didn’t show any effort to make this drama work. But it is not your fault at all, it’s mine, I take this so serious…but you don’t.

During the audition, I know that we will not going to past it…and I accept it with open heart when Mr. Eng told us not to “embarrassed yourselves in front of the audience”.

Thank you very much…thank you for your corporation during the audition today…thank you all of you…

p/s : hanya nak luahkan perasaan...mesti ada hikmah kita tak dapat masuk...jgn marah...

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