Monday, May 3

Everything is going back to normal ( ^_^ )

Praise to Allah, Alhamdulillah thank you Allah cause giving me the chance to feel like normal again.
Praise to Allah because He make my life full of joy and happiness. Sometime He tests me with a lot of hardness but in the end, He gives me the feeling that I can’t describe here. ALLAHUAKBAR!

As I written here before, both my dad and my mom were staying at hospital. For my mom, she just stays at hospital about 1 week. But my dad was the longest, near 3 months! For him it was a toughest time to stays at hospital. Just imagine that, he never been in ward since he was a child, but right after his retirement, straight away he was tested by Him. A lot of our planning was postponed. I’m quite frustrated but then I realize that, these were already stated by Him, we as the khalifa just can plan what we want.

Alhamdulillah, my dad was discharge from hospital yesterday on 2 MAY 2010 at 3 p.m. it was great news for my family. We all prepared all his favorites foods, prepared a bed for him. My dad starts counting the time passes, 36 hours left, 24 hours left, 10 hours left…smile starts appear on his face, beam from ear to ear. Near 3 months I never see him smiling like that. He told every nurse that enters his room. “I’m going back tomorrow!” So glad see him smiling. Thank You Allah for giving back my dad. I miss him so much! Even though, he can’t walk like normal, just using wheelchair to move but it was relieve for us getting him back at home.

For my mom, she has lost some of her memories, lost her energy to walk properly, like dad she also use wheelchair to move around house. Her SLE’s disease was attacking her again! Attacking her brain make her lost some of her memories. Quite shock for me, it happen at the same time my dad was sick! Sometime she couldn’t remember the new things, my siblings and I had to remind her back. She looks so tense with these problems. She always ask me “ why mak become like this?” all I can say just “ don’t think so muck mak. Remember Allah, say the zikir a lot”.

Now I started to miss my ‘old’ mom, the one who I can share happiness and sadness with. The one who always listen to my ridiculous stories and giving me responds and advise. The one who always nagging at me for watching TV a lot, sleep a lot, talking nonsense a lot. The one who always I called every night, because if one night I don’t call her, she will call me back and ask me “ don’t you remember me adik? Are you angry with me adik? Don’t you miss me adik? Don’t you love me adik?” but now everything is change… she doesn’t call me, and in return if I call her, she ask me… “Who’s this?” only Allah knows what my feeling at that time. I have to explain to her who am I, and then she remembers. It was hard for me to accept my mom’s condition at first. But supports from my friends have given me the strength to face the reality. This is reality! – I miss you mom -

All I can say right now that I pray for Allah to give me back my normal life and He give me that. I have both my dad and mom at home, that is enough to make me feel like life is going back to normal again! And I praise Allah for His kindness on me! Thank You Allah, Alhamdulillah…ALLAHUAKBAR!

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