Thursday, July 15

Battle of Yamamah, our hero appears…

The battle between Muslims army against Musailamah al-Kazzab’s army located at Yamamah. Occurred on 11 Hijr, Disember 625M.

In this battle, many of our huffaz was syahid, this had made our Caliph at that time, Abu Bakr makes a decision to collect the Quranic verses. Even at the first time, he was wondering to collect it, but after Umar al-Khattab convinces him, he agreed to do so. This is what he said to Umar “This is something that never been done by the Prophet”. But to make sure that Quran never lost in Muslim’s heart, he decided to collect Quranic verses.

Here comes our Hero!!!

We as a Muslim should be thank to Zaid ibn Thabit. By God will, Alhamdulillah, he had been the chosen one to collect and make Quranic Verses into one mushaf. As one of the nearest companions to our Prophet, Muhammad S.A.W (PBUH), Zaid was the person who attends the last reciting Quran between Muhammad PBUH and Gabriel (Jibrail). That one of the reasons why he was the chosen one!

Let us flashback into his childhood time…

At the age of 13, he asks permission from Prophet Muhammad to be with other Muslim in Battle of Badr. But the consequence that will happen plus he was under 15 years old, Prophet Muhammad SAW did not allow him.

Zaid was so eager to be near with Rasulullah, he learns the Hebrew just within 17 and some people said 19 days! He then became the translator and interpreter to Rasulullah.

Eventually, our young hero became one of the official scribes of the Prophet who was called to write the Divine revelations that came to the Prophet from Heaven.

This enabled the intelligent Zaid to observe the circumstances of the revelations very closely, to become, later, the most important reference in Quranic matters after the death of Prophet Muhammad.

He was 22 years old at the death (wafat) of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

(To be continue…)

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