Tuesday, December 14

when the circle of time is upside down...+__= "


have u guys ever experience insomnia? hahahahah...it is such a horrible experience to tell rite? we cant sleep even we had try so many kind of weird thing..including counting a sheep...???

what i'm gonna say rite here is...i'm not in that type of insomniaz group...Alhamdulillah..Allah still protect me from that scary diseases...^__^

but during this long..long..and a very looooong holiday, i realize that my circle of time had change totally..that made me worried...=__=!

my eyes wont closed before 3am....no matter what i've done...my eyes wont react...

the result is...when i had not enough sleep...my bp start to going down..down..n down..
(but not in bad situation..it just 101/70..hahahaha)
my sis said it still normal for a small size person like me to have bp like that..is it true??
doubt my sis already...coz..in a moment i start to move from a lay down position or sitting position...in a couple of minute my eyes start to fade n feel dizzy...feel like i'm gonna fell off a building...hahaha..ok that hiperbola...

i cant jump up n start running quickly when i was in rest position...soo...i have to move slowly...if i was lay down, i hav to sit fisrt n then stand up...then walk..if im sitting..i hav to stand up for a couple of minutes..then start to walk...really sad rite? like an old person already...

but there a good point when i cant sleep at night...u know what?
1) i had a really peaceful moment to enjoy...nobody cant disturb me..
2) i had finish reading all my book that i buy this year but still in wrappers...hahahah(my habit :buy a book and didnt read it)
3) renew and refresh all my recitation and memorize of Quran...Alhamdulillah..still in progress..
(but this is the hard part..u know what..i cant memorize quickly like i have done before...T__T...maybe i have ate tooooo much this holiday...)
4) up'dating' with my handsome mr.B(log) hahahahah

my advise..do not sleep late, b'coz once u try it..u will stuck wth it...and nobody cant help u, u urselves should survive....hahahahahahah...
(cakap omputih plak mlm ni..buang tabiat ka apa...ni semua gara0gara tak boleh tidoq..)


  1. haha..pity u my dear sis....its look not only u but...me also faced the same problem as u....huhu....

  2. really??? wht did u do to overcome this silly things? eat while u r not feeling to sleep yet??? hahahaah...if u do that it just sama like me!!!



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